Tanya Roberts
T  +61 2 8218 3000

The clerk to chambers is Tanya Roberts.

Tanya is the principal point of contact for all solicitors wishing to brief counsel.

Tanya has knowledge and understanding of the expertise of each barrister and is therefore well placed to address enquiries regarding which barrister might have a particular level of skill or specialty experience for a particular case. She can also provide information as to those barristers willing to act as mediators.

As Tanya is primarily responsible for diary management for each barrister, she can provide advice as to available dates and make bookings for hearings and conferences. Tanya can provide comprehensive information in relation to the fees of each of our barristers and is otherwise available to provide any further professional assistance.

Tanya is also the manager/administrator of chambers and is responsible for administrative staff. She is presently assisted by Katherine Jian and Caitlyn Trussell.